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Adam Stout works in the technology field and is currently located in San Diego, CA.




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Adam has done some rather diverse activities in his life some of have been publicly reported.

To confirm what you have read about Adam Stout is about the Adam Stout and not some other Adam Stout, here are some places you may have read about him...

Business Week's article "GMAT Scandal Has MBA Students Sweating" - 2008

While attending Business School, there was a scandal involving GMAT cheating. While in no way involved, Adam was interviewed as someone in school who didn't cheat but was able to get in to one of the top schools in the world.

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Business Week's GMAT Scandal Has MBA Students Sweating
The UK's Metro's article Sex laws uncovered The UK's Metro's article "Sex laws uncovered" - 2007

Adam was interviewed as an "expert" on the topic by a reporter for a fluff piece for Metro. Why you may ask? For several years, Adam has run Weird Sex Laws.com. Like many other sites, it is a based on a joke he read on the internet several years ago. Moral of the story, don't believe everything (or perhaps anything) you read on teh internet and never believe someone just because the run a web site about it. That means pretty much nothing.

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The blockbuster movie "Big It On", staring Adam Stout as Tuba Play #1.

About 1:54 in this clip, you will see a clean shaven, young looking Adam. He is also in the football scene later in the movie, but that is not as good of a shot as this clip.