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Exporting SVN Change Log in Phing

Posted: Jul 17, 2010
Last night I was working on add a phpDocumentor task to a Phing build script I have been working on.  While Phing offers integration with phpDocumentor as well as some SVN task such as commuting, updating, and exporting, it doesn't have a native way to export the change log which I would like to include in the documentation.  However, one great feature of Phing is how easy it is to expand.  I wrote this little ad-hoc task to export the SVN history to a file which I then include in the documentation.

Here is the code if you'd like to add it to your build scripts:

<adhoc-task name="svnlog">
svnLog extends Task 
setFile($file) { 
$this->file $file
setSvnPath($svnpath) { 
$this->svnpath $svnpath
setRepositoryUrl($repositoryurl) { 
$this->repositoryurl $repositoryurl
    private function 
$cmd $svnpath " log " $repositoryurl " > " $file;
$cmd "\n";
main() { 
$this->writeSvnLog($svnpath $this->svnpath$repositoryurl $this->repositoryurl$file $this->file);

Here is how you call it:
<svnlog svnpath="/usr/bin/svn" repositoryurl="http://rex/svn/${package}/" file="${workingDir}/CHANGELOG"></svnlog>


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Adam Stout @ Oct 15, 2013

So I'm still using Phing, but I'm thinking about switching to Maven, any thoughts?

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