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If I ever doubted how much my wife loves (which I don't after she moved to Pittsburgh with me), it is gone.  Last night she had the idea that we go see the A-Team.  Not because she wanted to see it (I actually believe the opposite to be true) but because she knew I would like it.  After watching G.I. Joe last fall, I was a little scared about seeing a movie based on a show from my childhood. 

I came in with very low expectations, and with that said, it was a really good movie.  Not the best movie ever made but a good couple of hours.  I wasn't optimistic about seeing Liam Neeson as Hannibal, but he did ok.  I was however really impressed with the casting for Face and Murdoch.  Bradley Cooper did a great job of playing Face bringing a great conman-esqe presense to teh character.  The part I like the most was Murdoch played by Sharlto Copely.  I didn't recognize Copely at first, but then it came back to me when I saw he was in District 9.  I don't really know his back story about how he got into acting as IMDB only lists him in a 2005 movie I have never head of and then District 9 and the A-Team.  I'm looking forward to seeing his next project (and hopefully in an A-Team sequel.

If you liked the TV show, I recommend seeing the movie either in the theater or at least on DVD.  If you haven't see the TV show, it may not be the same as someone how knows the characters.  Lucky for you, all six seasons are streaming on Netflix (I'm rewatching them now).


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