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Time for Zombies

Posted: Dec 03, 2009
Hooray for the dollar theater near my hotel.  I was bored tonight so I decided to go catch a movie.  I had heard some mixed reviews about Zombieland, but for $1.75, it can't be that bad, right?  I'm not big on horror movies but the comparisons to Shaun of the Dead as well as having Woody Harrelson gave me enough incentive to go see it.

To the point, I thought it was great.  The appearance of Bill Murray really put it over the top for me.  It isn't the best movie ever made, but it was very enjoyable for the 88 minutes it ran.  The Texas and Redneck jokes at the beginning were especially great since I saw this while in Austin.

I'm still not sold on Jesse Eisenberg though, he always seems like he is playing Michael Cera's character.  The only other movie I remember him from is Adventureland which was a painful 90 minutes and perhaps that just left a bad opinion of hm in my mind.

Anyway, if you don't mind some gore (well a lot of gore) and like zombie humor, this is a pretty entertaining movie.


adam stoutt @ Dec 10, 2009

yes its a good movie but no way near as good as shaun of the dead as british comedy is so much better than you yanks.And bill murray popping up made it for me.Oh and by the way your name is almost perfect but just lacking a little something?maybe an extra T?

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