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Elementry My Dear

Posted: Dec 24, 2009
A normal holiday tradition around here is to go see a movie while everyone else is home with their families.  Apparently around here, that is a pretty common idea.  We went to see Sherlock Holmes at a sold out theater.  This just reinforced my rule about not seeing movies on opening day.  Robert Downey Jr. was great in the movie but he would have been better if I didn't have to sit in the front row.

Downey does a great job of playing troubled characters.  He added a great deal of complexity to the character that another actor might not have been able to.  If you are already a fan, this is a can't miss.  However, if you aren't a fan already, you may want to wait for this to come out on DVD.

I want to applaud the screen writers, Johnson, Peckham, and Kinberg for not being tempted to throw in a "Elementary my Dear Watson" (even out of context).  I think back to the Get Smart movie that tossed (or perhaps forced ) in all the catch phrases at the expense of the movie.  This was well done all on its own.  I look forward to the sequel (which was certainly left open by the ending).


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