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Q: How long does it take Google to process StreeView images?

A: About two months

As I mentioned in August, when I was walking my dog on a Friday afternoon, I saw this funny looking car with what looked to be cameras sticking out of the top.  When it got closer, I was able to read the Google logo on the side.  It is interesting that it takes Google so long to take a picture from a camera and get it on the web.  One would think they would be more efficient that that.

Here is the proof I'm not lying.
View in Google Maps


Sagan @ Mar 29, 2010

it depends on whether they're at the start or end of the imaging, they would do a whole area at a time before putting it up...

Erika @ Oct 09, 2009

That is soo hilarious! You will be forever immortalized on Google. :-)

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