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Go Joe!!! (Just not to the movie)

Posted: Oct 20, 2009
Thanks to dollar movie night I finally got to see the new G.I. Joe movie.  I've been waiting all summer to see this.  I started traveling right before this came out and just haven't had time until now.  Had I known how bad it was, I wouldn't have worried about it so much.  At a buck, it was well worth the investment, but if I had paid full price I might have been a little more upset.  Even Terminator 4 was better than this.

I'm not sure when Hollywood will learn that more (especially not better) CGI doesn't make up for a weak story.  I appreciate that they tried to drop in the classic lines "Yo Joe" and the classic "Knowing is half the battle" but forced is a little bit of an understatement.

Why couldn't they just have a simple shootem up story?  They tried to make this a little to cool.  I would have preferred something a little more realistic (as much as it can be) rather than over exaggerated.  This reminded me more of a live version of Team America rather than G.I.Joe.


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